ALMA PURA (DECAF.) - Colombia

10,00 - 29,50

ORIGIN: Colombia
PROCESS: Swiss water
ALTITUDE: 1.400 - 1.750 m.
SIEVE: 17 / 19
VARIETY: Castillo, Caturra, Colombia


PROFILE: Spicy / Chocolatey      SCA SCORE: 84

TASTE NOTES: Cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, dried fruit, yellow fruit, red plum and strawberry yogurt.

TRACEABILITY: Decaffeinated with spring water and sugar cane. The process Swiss water is the cleanest and healthiest decaffeination process, since it does not use chemical solvents for its purpose. It is based on the principle of the osmosis. The coffee beans are immersed in high-temperature water with green coffee extract so that the coffee releases its caffeine. Once the water is saturated, it is passed through carbon filters to repeat the process until the caffeine in our batch is reduced to 0%. In this way, all the aroma and flavor of our coffee is maintained without altering its structure.

The Cooperativa Coocentral de Caficultores del Huila, is made up of more than XNUMX small associated producers from XNUMX municipalities: Garzón, Gigante, Agrado, El Pital, Tarqui, Suaza and Guadalupe. Its mission: to work with social and environmental responsibility, economically viable and socially visible, offering quality products and services with added value.


CONCLUSION: It is a highly recommended option for those who cannot drink caffeine. It is a clean, sweet and uniform cup, with medium lactic acidity and a creamy mouthfeel.