12,00 - 34,50

ORIGIN: Brazil
REGION: Espirito Santo
PROCESS: Natural pulping
ALTITUDE: 1.100 m.
SIEVE: 16 / 17
VARIETY: Red and yellow Catuaí
PRODUCER: Pim brothers
Corrego da Prata


PROFILE: Chocolatey      SCA SCORE: 86,75

TASTE NOTES: Cherry, apple, caramel and peanut butter.

TRACEABILITY: Name Corrego da Prata It is due to a crystal clear water source that supplies most of this community.
The area of ​​the city of Castelo, where Córrego da Prata is located, is surrounded by native forests and waterfalls and, due to its proximity to the ocean, the area receives strong marine humidity.
The land has a very rich mineral soil, mountains and a strong thermal range. Due to the currents of marine humidity and its condensation, a climatic instability is generated that requires much more care and attention in the processes to be able to maintain the high quality of its coffees.
Each filtering bag Pim brothers They have worked growing coffee all their lives, but it was in 2002 that, after saving some money, they bought their own land.
The process of this batch begins with the manual harvesting of the cherry, separating the immature or damaged fruits from the rest. Afterwards, the cherries are pulped and lightly washed with the water used to move the coffee mass. Subsequently, the grains with still a large part of the mucilage are transported to drying yards until we obtain the desired humidity percentage.


CONCLUSION: A very sweet, chocolatey and balanced coffee, with good body, perfect for anyone looking for a coffee with a traditional profile with that distinctive touch that peanuts give it.