GUADALUPE - El Salvador

12,00 - 34,50

ORIGIN: El Salvador
REGION: Apaneca, Ilamatepec
ALTITUDE: 1.350 - 1.450 m.
SIEVE: 16 / 18
VARIETY: Bourbon
PRODUCER: Andres Salaverria
FARM: Villa Guadalupe

PROFILE: Fruity     SCA SCORE: 87

TASTE NOTES: Vanilla, milk chocolate, prune, blackberry and raspberry.

TRACEABILITY: The Ilamatepec region is the area where the best coffees in El Salvador are produced. In this case, Andres Salaverria brings us this batch with a honey process, which consists of removing all the peel and pulp of the cherry, leaving most of the mucilage in the grain before drying.
The farm Villa Guadalupe of 15 hectares began its production for the first time in 2015 and is located in an area of ​​clay soil where its coffee trees, with an average age of 10 years, are grown under the shade of fruit trees.


CONCLUSION: Sweet coffee, with little acidity and medium and creamy body. Its profile with notes of ripe fruit and chocolate makes it a balanced coffee ideal for all palates.