JURA ENA 8 Automatic Coffee Machine


The new and attractive Swear Ena 8 It is presented as a novelty with a particularly simple touch screen operation and artificial intelligence. In addition, an algorithm records the personal preferences of users and adapts the home screen accordingly.

With the purchase of your Jura ENA8 we give you the first 2kg of Hidden Coffee Roasters® coffee



Ena 8, the smallest of the best automatic coffee machines.
The Ena 8 by Jura is a coffee maker that fits everywhere and shares the high performance of Jura coffee makers. With a spectacular design, Metro Black, with simple lines and a beautiful rounded tank for water, in the shape of a glass jug. Like all Jura coffee machines, it allows customize coffee: its intensity, the desired amount of water and the temperature.

Press a button and enjoy.

  1. Grind the coffee to the point. The Aroma G3 grinding mechanism grinds the coffee beans evenly. It has a 125 gram capacity coffee bean container with a special aroma protection lid, which keeps it fresh.
  2. Maximum aroma. Jura's specific Pulse Extraction Process (PEP®) ensures that the ideal extraction time is applied for each type of coffee. To prepare a short espresso, for example, hot water is pressed into the ground coffee intermittently and at regular intervals. Which allows the aromas to develop fully.
  3. The PEP® optimizes the extraction time of the coffee powder by means of impulses of hot water in very fast intervals, guaranteeing the maximum flavor.
  4. Allows you to choose 10 types of coffee intensity. It has 10 coffee specialties such as espresso, cappuccino, espresso macchiato, doppio espresso, specialty coffee, and hot water for infusions and teas. At the push of a button.
  5. Makes a fine foam. The innovative G² professional fine foam technology provides a delicate milk foam with very fine bubbles. It is made with high quality materials and design.
  6. Use clear water. Claris water filters allow quality water to be used to make the perfect coffee, while protecting the machine from limescale. They also remove substances from the water that can affect the taste and odor, such as heavy metals or chlorine. The machine uses various filters, which the Intelligent Water System, IWS®) chooses according to the needs.
  7. Simple mode of use. Its modern color TFT display allows a uintuitive use. The machinery also has a harmonious design, very careful in the details, in a clear Nordic white. The water tank has an elegant design in the shape of a glass jug. Includes energy saving mode (ESM ©).
  8. Easy to clean. It has rinsing and cleaning programs that guarantee perfect hygiene, at the touch of a button. The dishwasher-resistant milk spout can be changed in one easy step.
  9. Uses Smart technology. It incorporates the Jura Smart connect bluetooth communication kit that makes it compatible with the Jura JOE App (Jura Operating Experience), the application to operate the coffee machine through the Smartphone or Tablet.

Technical details.

  • Height-adjustable combination spout (Cappuccino / Coffee) 55 - 138 mm
  • Height adjustable coffee spout 55 - 138 mm
  • Cappuccino spout adjustable in height 55 - 138 mm
  • Height adjustable hot water outlet 55 - 138 mm
  • Water tank capacity 1,1 l
  • Coffee bean container capacity 125 g
  • Coffee grounds container: 10 servings max.
  • Cable length 1,1 m Voltage / Power 230 V ~ / 1450W Amps 10 amp
  • Standby power 0 W
  • Weight 9,4 kg Width 27,1 cm Height 32,3 cm Depth 44,5 cm
  • Clear text / graphic display
  • TFT display
  • Amber / white cup lighting
  • Coffee powder chute for ground coffee