VERSALLES - Colombia

12,00 - 34,50

ORIGIN: Colombia
REGION: Pital, Huila
ALTITUDE: 1.317 m.
SIEVE: 16 / 18
VARIETY: Castle, Columbia
PRODUCER: Luisa Fernanda Bermeo
FARM: Versalles

PROFILE: Fruity   SCA SCORE: 87,25

TASTE NOTES: Dark chocolate, mango, passion fruit, honey and black tea.

TRACEABILITY: Producer Luisa Fernanda Bermeo Herrera from the farm Versalles, located in the municipality of Pital, at 1.317 meters in an area of ​​sandy loam soil with high agricultural productivity, makes a traditional washing process with an aerobic fermentation of 40 hours. The drying process is carried out on African beds. As always, we bet on the coffee woman.


CONCLUSION: A sweet and fruity coffee with strong notes of dark chocolate. Suitable for all palates, both for those looking for a more traditional profile for its chocolatey notes, and for those looking for a complete and clean cup.