"We love to support different types of business, with different needs, to always be able to contribute our experience and knowledge in this market, which is that of QUALITY COFFEE".

We sell to wholesalers with a personalized service, to SUPPORT in a specific way, working together, making monthly monitoring of all the cafeterias and restaurants that serve HIDDEN COFFEE with the aim of ENJOYING the BEST COFFEE ”.




Our roast is weekly, like our distribution, to guarantee maximum freshness in any corner of the world that you are.

Do not worry about the knowledge, WE TRAIN YOU, we are the first interested in that each HIDDEN cup is an experience and transmits all the work behind it, with COMPLEX and UNIQUE FLAVORS.




We help you create an EFFECTIVE WORK SYSTEM and get the right TOOLS to work EASILY and PROFESSIONAL.

By working with HIDDEN COFFEE ROASTERS you will be part of the evolution of specialty coffee, getting to know it first-hand and making a booming market sustainable, knowing and understanding the values ​​of this product and how the producer, the great protagonist of this film, can evolve and guarantee the economic sustainability of your FINCA and your FAMILY. For this reason we always put NAME and SURNAME to our little coffee, paying tribute to the most important pillar of the coffee chain.